You’ve got a medical device design that you’re ready to mass produce and get out into the world. But changing healthcare policies, quickly advancing technology, and supply chain challenges puts your product launch at risk.

It can take anywhere between 12  - 18 months to go from a design concept to a finished medical device. As an experienced electronics manufacturer, we’re aware of the challenges that can push your time to market. Our processes and holistic approach help keep your product development timeline on track.

Partner with a Certified Medical Contract Manufacturer

Go from Concept to Mass Production Efficiently

Confidently build your product with our manufacturing expertise and baked-in DFM + engineering knowledge.

Receive Support in All Areas of Your Product Development

Successfully launch your product through our proven new product introduction process.

Feel Confident with Constant Communication and Status Updates

Always know where you’re at in your product development journey with our on-point project management.

Get the Attention You Deserve

We’re not the biggest manufacturer (and we don’t take on every project) which leaves time to prioritize your product.